Why sewing is a great skill to learn young

Having learned to sew at the age of 8, I can safely say that it was one of the best things I ever did. After all, it has shaped my career and helped to create the foundation of knowledge I needed to manufacture children’s pants. It has allowed me to express my identity through fashion throughout my life. I’m here to let you know why I think everyone should learn to sew from an early age.

1) Self-expression

Growing up, I found it difficult to find clothes in shops which allowed me to truly express my style. Kids’ fashion clothes were too expensive for me to buy at the time, so instead, I learned to make my own. As I was able to sew, I could also alter second-hand clothes to fit my body shape and customize them to make them unique to me. This not only made me feel like I was achieving something, but it also drilled into me from an early age the value in recycling and reusing materials where you can.

2) Improves other skills

Sewing teaches you patience and focus, and it allows me to zone in on a project and zone the rest of the world out. When I’ve completed a sewing project, it feels great because it’s something that I’ve worked on from beginning to end. It’s a great lesson for everyone to learn, old and young; the importance of setting tangible goals and the amazing feeling you get when you achieve them.

3) Save money and be green

For many people, if an item of clothing gets ripped or worn, they’ll simply throw it away and replace it. I rarely end up throwing anything away as I either mend the item or repurpose it into something else. I also hand down clothing to some friends with younger kids. A while back I had a pair of jeans that I no longer fit me. I used a pair of my sons’ ripped jeans to restyle my jeans. I cut vertical strips out of the pant legs and stitched them together to create a side stripe which I then stitched into my jeans. I also took one of the back pockets and added an extra little pocket to the back of my jeans. For kids, sewing clothes for repair or repurposing is a great way to teach them about sustainability while allowing them to get creative.

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