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Why handing down clothes is important for the environment and sustainable living

With sustainable living finally beginning to catch on, the stalwart fast fashion brands are quickly trying to reposition their offerings as sustainable clothing. They usually do this by citing ethically sourced materials or production facilities switching to green electricity, but what really matters is durability.

Kids pants should never wear out before a child outgrows them, rather they should have the quality to be passed down from sibling to cousin to family friend. Everything in your wardrobe should hold memories.

Even clothing produced from sustainable materials has a massive carbon footprint, and the best way to avoid this is to hand down clothes from generation to generation. We need to go back to the mentality of our elders, where old clothes become family heirlooms and not waste headed straight for a landfill or incinerator. Every item of clothing passed down prevents another from being produced, so the reduction in waste is exponential. It’s still important to source sustainable materials and produce our clothes ethically, but the most important thing for the environment is that you buy clothes that last for decades.

Despite the messy lifestyles our children might lead, kids fashion can be just as sustainable. Active kids clothes from VICTORNEE benefit from patented designs and are lab tested for toughness, allowing them to be flexible and durable while ensuring they can withstand the trials of a child’s day-to-day life. VICTORNEE kids sweatpants and kids khakis¬†come with reinforced knee panels making them tough enough to withstand thousands of cycles of abrasion testing and come out looking great, with high-durability fabrics ensuring these kids reinforced pants will be something you pass on and on again, passing on memories and feelings as you do. We’re all trying to reduce the waste we leave behind, so getting back in the habit of passing things on is a fantastic step towards this.

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