VICTORNEE's pants: How are they doing now?

VICTORNEE’s pants: How are they doing now?

It’s a brand new year, but your kid’s back-to-school clothes have already endured a trimester of soccer games and tag at recess, and maybe even a few snowball fights over the winter holidays. So, here’s the big question: what condition are your children’s clothes in now?

The Test

We put our VICTORNEE patented reinforced knee pants to the test against two pants from a different brand. All three have been worn and washed at least once a week from September through to the end of December. How did our boy’s double knee pants compare?

The Result

The photos speak for themselves. The left and middle pants belong to our competitor, and as you can see they both show signs of heavy wear and tear at the knees. The photo on the right shows our VICTORNEE Skater 8 Sweatpants: no holes and still in great shape.

It’s not like we put a kid through army camp to obtain these results, the holes you see in the first two photos were sustained from normal wear on an active 6th grader. Your kids should be able to lead a healthy, active, carefree childhood without damaging their clothing, and you deserve peace of mind knowing that you’ve invested in quality kids wear that will remain comfortable, presentable and in one piece for at least as long as your kids outgrow them.

Sustainable Kids’ Wear

VICTORNEE multi-layer knee pants are also a sustainable option. By providing durable and classic kids fashion, our aim is to reduce clothes waste. Not only do our pants have to be replaced much less frequently, but in many cases, they can be handed down to a younger sibling, or passed on to a friend while still in perfectly good condition.

Where to buy VICTORNEE pants

Visit to check out our full range of unisex children’s clothes. We have a range of both girls’ and boys’ pants for active kids aged 4-12.

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