VICTORNEE recognized by Redress HK

VICTORNEE recognized by Redress HK

Focusing on sustainable fashion, Redress HK aims to make the fashion industry more sustainable and less damaging. This Hong-Kong based initiative aims to encourage consumers to wear their clothes more, make them last longer and reduce their environmental impact.

Redress HK recognizes VICTORNEE for its higher-quality children’s pants, which are sustainable and comfortable as well as lasting longer than many clothes available in stores.

– What does Redress HK have to say about VICTORNEE?

VICTORNEE is praised for its use of unisex styling. Unisex kids’ clothes increase sustainability by allowing clothes to be more easily passed down. VICTORNEE clothes can be shared between siblings of both sexes, enjoyed by any gender, and worn for years without wearing out.

Redress HK also praises VICTORNEE’s patented reinforced knee pants, like canvas pants and jeans, which use high-durability fabrics and multi-layering to avoid damage and increased longevity.

– Why is VICTORNEE clothing so important?

Kids are chaotic. They love to climb, run, jump and land on their knees. The knees of children’s pants are often the first areas to wear through, so those pants are thrown in the bin. Active kids’ clothes aren’t usually made to a high enough standard to actually withstand a child’s activity.

Like VICTORNEE, Redress HK believes that clothes should not be seen as disposable. We can all make our clothes last longer by keeping them in good condition, then selling them or passing them on once they’re outgrown.

More than 100 billion new pieces of clothing are made every year, and 39% of people in Hong Kong have thrown away clothing that they’ve worn only once. With clothes that are made to last longer, like VICTORNEE children’s leggings and sweat pants, it’s possible for us all to reduce textile waste and the impact of fashion on the planet.