Three great activities to do with children in kids’ clothes from Victornee

Three great activities to do with children in kids’ clothes from Victornee

Winter can be a tough time of year for keeping the kids entertained with active pursuits. When the weather isn’t great, it’s much easier to keep them indoors and in front of a games console or iPad. But thanks to Victornee’s awesome range of kids’ clothes, youngsters can get outside and burn off excess energy year-round.

Victornee’s girls’ and boys’ pants are perfect for cooler months, with no worries about them getting ruined in mud or snow. Thanks to the unique reinforced knee design, the pants are ideal for active kids, with no danger of tears or holes appearing, allowing kids to play freely.

With that in mind, here are three great outdoor activities to get the kids involved in while wearing Victornee’s durable, sustainable children’s pants.

Woodland exploration

Winter is a great time to go exploring in the woods. Nature is totally different from the summer months and the cool, fresh air can be really invigorating. So why not take the kids for an afternoon in the woods? Explore, climb trees, collect random items from the forest floor and see if the kids can spot themselves some ‘grizzlies’. All the while the kids will look the part and be super comfy in their Victornee double knee cargo pants!

Fun in the yard

If you don’t have time to be out and about all day, fun in the yard can be a great, active way to entertain the kids for a few hours. Create an awesome obstacle course out of household items and allow them to burn some energy. Their Victornee pants will keep them warm, with no risk of damaging them while they climb and crawl around the course.

Snow adventures

If you get some snowfall this year, get the kids out to make the most of a snow day in their Victornee pants. Find a hill, grab a sled and have a great family day out. Victornee’s kids’ wear will keep them warm and comfy all day long.