Teach your children the virtues of sustainable kids’ fashion & toys

For many of us, when children come along we quickly find ourselves looking around at a sea of stuff. Plastic toys, endless piles of clothes and the truckload of baby-based kit we seem to need from the moment they are born; it can be very overwhelming. There are choices we can make to lessen the impact our purchases can make, and now is the time to instil some of that thinking into our kids; here’s how.

Sustainable clothes

VICTORNEE’s create modern reinforced knee pants which are guaranteed to endure playtime after playtime, avoiding the need to toss them out because they have worn through way before your child has grown out of them. Our quality pants have been designed to help busy families reduce their clothes waste when it comes to kids fashion.

It’s great to explain what you are spending money on and why to your children, as it’s never too early to start the conversations around sustainability and responsible buying behavior!

The joy of wooden toys

We often think of wooden toys being suitable for babies and toddlers, but what about older children? There are plenty of beautifully designed wooden toys for older children which will spark creative play, from train sets to doll’s houses and everything in between. Whatever your child is into, we’re sure you’ll find a more eco-friendly option than the plastic toys we’ve become accustomed to.

Ethical companies

We all know you can find just about anything from the online giants, but do they really have sustainable, ethical intentions at the heart of what they do? Smaller companies with a clear ethical mission statement are likely to deliver a fantastic product, and you can rest assured you’re putting your money in the hands of the people who really want to make a positive difference. Take a look at our about section to find out more about VICTORNEE and our ethical, sustainable products.

Teaching your children the importance of reducing waste and spending with ethical companies will help to shape responsible, thoughtful adults in the next generation. Make a start today by ordering reinforced knee pants online through VICTORNEE.

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