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Summer’s coming so get your kids active outdoors

As the sun is making an appearance and we’re all getting ready for the long, hot days of summer, now’s the time to get our kids outdoors enjoying the weather. There are plenty of new activities they can try out, from skateboarding to creating dance routines in the park, there’s something for everyone. With Victornee, you can find kids wear that’s fit for purpose. We take a look at some unique outdoor activities you can encourage your kids to try this summer. 

Water fights 

There’s nothing more glorious on a hot day than a good old water fight to let loose and cool off with friends, and what better to do it in style with our unique and fashionable range of children’s clothes? They even allow for plenty of freedom of movement to get ahead of the action. 

Tug of war

Grab a rope, gather a group of friends and split them into two teams. Now it’s time to let the battle commence! The good old-fashioned tug of war will never get old and it can encourage some friendly competition, rally-up teamwork and tire your kids out before dinner. We’ve taken any slips or trips into account with our clothing range as well, with our durable, multi-layered fabric that can stand repeated wash cycles with no issues. 

Hula Hoop

Great fun both individually and with friends, hula hooping is an easy, enjoyable way for children to keep fit and helps with their core strength, flexibility and attention. Hoops come in all sizes and colours as well, so will appeal to the fussiest of mini-fashionistas. 

At Victornee, we understand the importance of getting clothes that last, especially when children are getting out and about in the great outdoors. That’s why we create kids’ clothes that are durable and stylish, so your children can hold their head up high in quality clothing. 

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