Victornee Pants

How To Care For Your VICTORNEE’S

It’s important yet simple to take proper care of your VICTORNEE’S!

With a few easy steps, you can ensure your child’s many adventures won’t show on their pants. Your VICTORNEE’S are meant to last, so let’s help you keep them looking fresh and clean.


Victornee Pants

All VICTORNEE styles come pre-washed from our makers and are ready to be worn. The shrinkage that commonly occurs in that first wash with most children’s pants won’t be an issue here!

To assure quality, we measured the pant legs multiple times both before and after the wash process. The quality and comfort of the pants were NEVER lost. In fact, similar to your own jeans, the more wears and washes the VICTORNEE’S receive, the better they become over time.

If your child is anything like mine, you know that clothing is a magnet for dirt. Grass stains, spills, a jump or two in a muddy puddle and their pants are ready for the washer.


Dirty Pants

However, if you take a few moments to pre-wash your VICTORNEE’S you will find that those stains lift away much more easily.

Here is what I recommend to get out those stubborn stains:


1- Grab your favorite stain remover. We personally love and use Shout because it works wonderfully in removing those nasty grass and dirt stains that active kids love to bring home.


2- Start at the knees and coat each stain evenly.


Dirty Pants

Always be sure to read and follow the stain removal directions and suggestions on the back of your container.


I like to spray my son’s pants, scrub the stains and then leave the Shout to work its magic for ten to fifteen minutes before tossing them in the machine for a stain-free result.


3- Wash your VICTORNEE’S with like or dark colors in a regular warm water cycle. After they are washed you can choose to either air dry them outside or on medium heat in the dryer.

Dirty Pants

Once dry, they’re ready for your child’s next great adventure.

I designed VICTORNEE’S to outlast countless games, playdates, outings and laundry loads.

Why not let your child #Playliketheymeanit ?

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