Double Knee Pants

The VICTORNEE™ Process

From Cut & Sew to Your Child’s Active Play Date

We truly believe that pants should last longer, that children should have the freedom to play like they mean it. By pre-ordering you are not only placing your trust and hard earned money on our product, you are also supporting our vision for a more sustainable product that is not only functional but looks and feels really cool too. You are helping to build the foundation of the company and your involvement is a pretty awesome thing. We are deeply honored for your support and are super excited to deliver some extraordinary pants in time for back to school.

pre order icon1.) Place Your Pre-Order


Why Pre-order?

Our fabric production has already begun but there is so much more that goes into the production process. One major requirement due when placing a production order with our factory is a size scale breakdown. What does that mean? When we place an order, we must purchase a certain number of pants per size for each style. By doing pre-sale, we can get a more accurate number of how many units per size we will need. The pre-sale numbers will help us to better plan our percentage per size allocation. We can better project the trending sizes and place our orders accordingly.





pattern review

2.) Pattern Review


We’ve perfected our pattern pieces for the front legs of each style and determined the correct knee placement for each size. The factory sent us graded pattern pieces (sizes 4-12 and XS-XL) and we marked up the patterns for any revisions that needed to be made.





Fit Review

3.) Fit Review

Now that the factory has our revised patterns, they will make us a graded size set in available tailoring yardage of our adopted fabric qualities. That means we will be getting a complete set of each style in each size by the middle of May. It is crucial that we get that knee panel in the right place and make sure that it is tall enough to allow for about 6-9 months of growth. We will be scouting local kids to find 7 fit models to try on the pants and be a part of our extensive fit review. Once that is done, our final revised specs will be sent to the factory and they can begin the production process once the fabrics are ready.




Fabrics Ready

4.) Fabrics Ready

Our fabrics will be ready between the end of May to the middle of June. Some of our specialty fabrics take extra time to make but once the fabrics are all ready, they’re sent to the factory for the cutting and sewing fun to begin.





Cutting and Sewing

5.) Cutting and Sewing

Production of the pants will take place from the middle of June through August. Once the pants are near being completed, we must perform federally mandated testing that is required for all children’s apparel to be sold in the USA, because again, we want you and your family to have the best. Samples get sent to a lab where they perform tests for flammability, lead content in trims, washing and torquing. Once the goods have cleared testing and production has undergone the washing and pressing processes, they will get bagged and packed and sent to a port for freight shipment. #almosthome





Shipment Via Air

6.) Shipment Via Air

Your pants will be shipped via air and are leaving our friend’s in Hong Kong by August 20th. This shipment will be handled by a logistics company. They are an international freight forwarder and customs clearance brokerage firm. We pay our taxes to the government so that our goods can enter the country and then be delivered to our warehouse.






Box Icon

7.) Happy Customers, Happy Children

Our goal is to get your “pants with a purpose” to your doorstep by the beginning of September just in time for back to school. Your kids will look sharp, trendy and feel confident in their reinforced knee pants and will be ready to take on all those recesses, playground, and backyard fun activities.

By investing in our first big order, you’re investing in quality clothing that looks good, feels good and lasts longer. By pre-ordering today, your next school year is already off to a good start.


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