Victorneee Kids

Hi, We Make Clothes for Kids…That Last


We create quality-trendy clothing with reinforced knees for active children.

Here’s How It All Started…

Double Knee Pants

In early 2016, our founder, let’s call her Mama VICTORNEE, decided that she needed some TLC time for herself and quit her creatively infused corporate position. During her break, she practised things like self-care, bottomless time with her loved ones and even visited in her dear hometown of Montreal. With this newfound energy, she joined a start-up business accelerator called  EForAll and put her design experience into something that felt more like home. 

The holes in her son’s pants. From a problem that arose years before she even acknowledged it, due to her son’s active nature, she could solve the problem of active kids wearing out the knees of their pants too quickly by creating stylish, reinforced pants.

Major lightbulb. 

She quickly got to designing, developed some pant leg example mock-ups, entered the EForAll pitch contest and made it into the program. While in the program, She developed an entire collection of 4 specialized styles with the help of her husband, who produced the brand’s valiant logo.

The Styles

Double Knee Pants

Each VICTORNEE style has our patent-pending, integrated, multi-layer reinforcement knee panels, which protects against tearing and increases pant longevity.
The reinforcement knee panels featured on our Moto X Jr. Jean and Skater 8 Sweats, have micro pin-tuck pleats which create an extra layer of cushioning.
Our Brava Bruiser Legging and 4×4 Pants are each quilted through and through 3 layers of fabric, with a diamond quilt pattern and novel straight stitch design respectively.
VICTORNEE is selling pants with a purpose, pants for peace of mind.



Double Knee Pants

Right to Left, Worn 2x a week for 9 months.

Being able to not sacrifice style for the function is important for children who want to be expressive and for moms who want quality throughout the entire family’s wardrobe. Styles include ribbing, knits, raised seams and trend-forward details to cater play dates to Easter dinner. The assortment is unisex and caters to Boys & Girls with an active nature,  they range from denim to knit styles.

Longer wear = Less waste

The collection was also created out of the need to be eco-efficient. Kiddos run through clothing often, if through damage or growth, being able to narrow it down to one of these options, is quite wonderful for the family’s shopper.

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