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Gear up for winter with reinforced knee pants

As a parent to an active child, you’ll know how rewarding it is to see them enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer. Less rewarding perhaps is the endless cycle of damaged clothes you often end up throwing away due to severe wear and tear, particularly during the cooler months. End the cycle today with reinforced knee pants from VICTORNEE.

Why choose VICTORNEE’s reinforced knee pants?

Our pants have been designed specifically with the most active children in mind; the tree climbers, the hole diggers, the runners, the sliders and everyone in between. We’ve rigorously tested our range of reinforced pants for boys and girls over 30,000 times and we can comfortably say they are built to last.

With a range of unisex kids’ clothes, we’re confident you’ll find a pair of pants your child will love, keeping them warm, comfortable and protected from grazed knees due to slips and trips thanks to our multi-layered fabric technology.

Our styles range from casual to formal, so whether your child needs a smart pair of pants for the term ahead, or they need a quality pair of sweatpants for weekend and after-school play, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for within our range.

Our inspiration

VICTORNEE was set up by Montreal-born working mom Silvia and her brand was born out of relentlessly stitching the knees of her son Victor’s pants. Already an experienced fashion designer, she decided to turn her creativity and industry know-how to solving the problem she knew parents were facing the world over, and thus Victornee was created!

If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable double knee pants that will last through the winter and beyond, your search is over. Our styles are suitable for children aged 4-12 and you’ll only need to replace them when your child has outgrown them! Shop now and enjoy a mend-free winter.