It is with great passion and pride that I introduce to you VICTORNEE.

In early 2016 I made an important life decision. My Mom was very ill and I was having my own health complications, so I had to walk away from a fulfilling, creative job. This time off allowed me more time to spend with Mom in Montreal, where I am originally from.

While I took time to heal and help my Mom get situated in a proper 24/7 care residence, I also found time to be more “fully present” for myself, my son and my husband. I loved this extra time to hang with Victor, take him to his games and be there when he got home from school – it was wonderful.

A couple of months into my break, a new path emerged. It began when I became aware of an organization called Entrepreneurship for All. EforAll is a non-profit entrepreneurial accelerator program that guides you through the necessary steps of starting your own business.

My creative juices started flowing again and that’s when it hit me… from a problem that arose years before due to my son’s active nature, I could solve the problem of active kids wearing out the knees of their pants too quickly by creating stylish, reinforced pants!!!!

I quickly got to designing, developed some pant leg example mock ups, entered a pitch contest and made it into the program. That summer I fully designed and developed our first 4 styles and my talented husband designed our logo.

What an amazing experience it was to be surrounded by a great group of people going through the same entrepreneurial transition I was undertaking. The 12 week accelerator ended with an awards ceremony where my business won second prize. I won another prize during one of our quarterly check in meetings. Together these helped to pay for my samples and website development.

Here I am 2 years later, through ups and downs and often wondering what the heck I was doing, overcoming the obstacle of fear, and constantly forging ahead with passion in something I truly believe in, at what felt like a snail’s pace.

Today we are ready to test the waters and prove our assumptions with our first ever VICTORNEE production run.

I would like to thank all my mentors, advisors and coaches for their guidance, tools and support. To the numerous genuinely nice and helpful people that answered questions, pointed me in the right direction or provided contacts, your help is immeasurable.

I would also like to thank my family and friends who always supported me, even when they were probably tired of hearing about it. Lastly I’d like to thank Victor for being Victor and playing like he means it.

VICTORNEE offers a line of patent pending play pants for active children aged 4-12, to help parents and guardians get better value in their clothing purchases. VICTORNEE’s line of stylish, multi-layer reinforced knee pants give active children the freedom to play like they mean it, and look cool while doing it.

Please visit VICTORNEE to see what my entrepreneurial journey has created. Your purchase will help fund the balance of production costs to make this a reality. I hope you feel inspired to support our vision of bringing longer lasting pants to backyards and playgrounds everywhere. After all, longer wear = less waste.