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5 Reasons We Should All Be Moving Towards More Sustainable Purchases

Over recent years, consumers have become aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion. The slow fashion movement has taken off, and now children and adults can invest in better quality clothing from reputable suppliers and brands. Here are 5 reasons we should all be moving towards more sustainable purchases;

1. It’s better for the environment

The most talked about reason for sustainable clothing purchases is environmental benefits. Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments per year, or 62 garments each (ref: https://ecowarriorprincess.net/2018/10/facts-statistics-about-fast-fashion-inspire-ethical-fashion-advocate/).

2. Save yourself money

By investing in better quality clothing that lasts longer, you are saving money in the long run. Some clothes are even designed to last longer than regular items – companies such as Victornee offer comfortable reinforced knee patches in trousers, children pants, and double knee pants. Everyone could do with saving money here and there, so invest in some quality clothing.

3. Your children will thank you

It’s the children of the world who will have to live with the climate mess created, so changes we make now will have a positive impact on the future. For a quicker show of gratitude from the kids, invest in some durable sustainable children’s pants, pants with knee pads, or strong active kids clothes. They’ll survive long enough to be hand-me-downs so everyone can enjoy looking fashionable, having fun, and saving the planet!

4. Clothes are for everyone

Investing in unisex kids clothes is a great way to purchase sustainably as anyone can wear them. Clothes are for everyone, regardless of gender, and kids fashion and kids wear isn’t about the latest trends, it’s about having fun without restriction. Victornee (https://victornee.com/) offer great quality durable sustainable children’s pants such as children’s leggings, leggings for girls, and reinforced knee pants for all your little ones dressing needs!

5. School clothes don’t have to be bad quality

School clothes are often poorly made and fall apart quickly due to the speed at which kids can tear them apart. This has a hugely negative impact on the environment and is easily solved by investing in high-quality clothes such as boys double knee pants, carpenter pants, boy’s pants, girl’s pants, and kids leggings. They even offer protection from grazed knees!

There are plenty of ways to sustainably purchase, so save money and the environment today and invest in some good, high-quality clothing. Viva slow fashion!

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